Are you fan of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin? Franklin passed away recently and, while I was never a huge fan, she was one of those performers you felt like you knew better due to her stature in the entertainment industry (like Elvis or Michael Jackson). I was a big New Wave fan as [...]

If you want to share your message with the world, the time is NOW. Think back to five or ten years ago…remember how many YouTube videos you watched? Remember how many news, information and entertainment “pages” you followed on Facebook? How many Twitter accounts you followed? You probably didn’t even have an Instagram or SnapChat [...]

I had a problem sitting down to write this blog entry. What am I going to write about? How am I going to write it? Will it be interesting? Will it be correct? Will it be perfect? The last time I attempted a regular blog I found myself bogged down by the above questions. As [...]

This is the best (and worst) time to be in business. Thanks to the digital revolution, it seems every other person I meet is a DJ or photographer. I remember the days as a young DJ in the mid-90s. Vinyl records were safely stored away (for those who kept them), stacks and racks of CDs [...]

I hate being caught off guard. When winter hits, I inevitably hit the shower, get dressed, then walk outside to my car in the pouring down rain, wearing shorts and flip-flops. It always sneaks up on me! It’s not that I’m worried about a little rain hitting my precious head and bare knees; I’m usually [...]

I had an uncomfortable experience recently with a friend. While hanging out at a business function, my friend was introducing me to a couple of his coworkers when a woman walked up to the group. She said hello to my friend’s other coworkers I had just met, but my friend? He turned to me, gave [...]

How in the WORLD do people work just a few hours a week while partying it up in multiple foreign countries (and not get fired from their job)? About 10 years ago, I read a book called “The 4-Hour Workweek.” In it, author Tim Ferriss discusses how to (ding! ding!) create a 4-hour workweek using [...]

I once learned the ultimate lesson in how NOT to become a freelancer/entrepreneur. You’ve heard it all before: Spend less than you make. Your out-go should be less than your income. Get out of debt. Blah blah blah. In 2008 I quit my full time job, a job I’d had for eight years. I wanted [...]

I’ve been DJing in various capacities since 1995 (radio, mobile, club), lately spinning mostly in my small town’s longtime dance club. Once, there were 3-4 dance clubs operating with enough interest to support them all, but over the past decade it’s dwindled to one. Because of this, my music selection is akin to the “nostalgia [...]

Wanna get crap done?

We all want to reach our goals, finish projects, get to where we want to be. Over the past few years, I’ve become more consistent with working out and eating healthier, I paid off $80K in debt to become debt-free, and I’ve deleted my barely-a-page writer’s block mentality and replaced it with a mindset that [...]

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