FaceTime! Video chat! The future is here…unfortunately

Hey 20th century kids! Remember when we dreamed about a future where we could call someone on the phone and actually see their face on the screen as we talked?

Hello Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook chat (and all the others I can’t think of off the top of my head)!

The future finally arrived! But something funny happened on the way…we don’t seem to like it.

In fact, most people I know (myself included) would rather text than even talk old-school audio-only style.

So what went wrong?

I don’t know. I suppose you could blame social media in general.

When the big social boom happened 8-10 years ago, people loved it! They embraced those newfound services that allowed you to peer to into the lives of friends, family, and strangers, as if you were watching a pseudo-reality show unfold, depending on how much we were willing to share with our followers.

But as I write this in 2018, I think the honeymoon is over; the bloom off the rose.

Now that we know so much about our fellow fellows, we’re kind of regretting it. Some people don’t share your sense of humor and come off “inappropriate;” some people are rude; some people (gasp!) don’t agree with your politics.

Wasn’t it more fun back in the day when you didn’t know all these things about people that were once kept private?

Friends (and even family members) that we always kept in our thoughts, even if we didn’t see them often, are now being shut out of people’s lives forever, simply because they told a dirty joke online or they (gasp!) don’t agree with your politics.

The whole thing has watered down social media, and frankly, people are tired of it, opting instead for a more curated list of “friends” they can better relate to, just like we did before the Internet.

When humanity keeps beating you over the head and you want to retreat from it, it’s no wonder people don’t wish to FaceTime anymore, or even pick up the phone to talk.

Thankfully, my mom never cottoned to social media (she barely uses the Internet at all) and she doesn’t text. So when she calls me, I have to pick up (or call her back), and the conversation is always meaningful and three hours long.

It sure makes you miss the old days.

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