Hey Nancy, why does negative always win?

I’m always amused at how much weight we give to a little negativity compared to how we shrug off positive reinforcement.

What do I mean?

It’s the typical Amazon review game; I know people who stress and worry about purchasing a product with a thousand reviews because 10 of them happen to be negative.

Or that single Yelp review you find online for a restaurant with no other Yelp reviews (who actually uses that?)…yet the restaurant has been in business for 30 years.

I can’t recall where I heard it recently, but this is what I heard: “If you’ve never worked a customer service job, know this: for every ONE
complaint you hear there’s at least ten people who are satisfied.”

Did you hear that, Negative Nancy? Generally, when you’re satisfied, you say thank you and go about your business. When something sucks, it stands out and whacks you upside the head.

People are more likely to bitch and moan over anything they don’t like than they are to say anything positive.

In fact, being positive takes more energy; it takes work to look at the positive in the world and keep that outlook.

So remember that the next time you fret over seeing a bad review.

Lighten up and look at the positive. I bet you’ll live longer.

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