Why do I write crap every day?

Ya know, the best way to get better at something is to do it everyday.

I was reminded recently of my first attempts at writing, when I could barely sit down and write two sentences together, let alone write an entire article, or chapter, or section.

When I started a local sports-focused website a decade ago, that was a problem. Having been a TV journalist, where you write a short pieces meant to be read (i.e. scripts), I didn’t practice a lot of the nuances you naturally pick up from writing every day.

Any time I studied up on becoming a better writer (from folks such as Stephen King and Stephen J. Cannell), the same advice was always given – write every day.

Now, I’ve seen some “goo-roo” types on social media these days calling that advice crap, sort of like how it’s cool these days to rail on “traditional” values or “traditional” ways of doing things. But I think in this case, they’re wrong.

The more practice you get, the better you get.

So, I set out to write every day a few years back, even taking a part-time job writing news on the web for local TV stations. It forced me to sit my butt down in the chair and write, write, write!

Now, I’m able to do it every day! And it doesn’t seem as painful as it once was.

It’s not perfect, and it doesn’t need to be. The more I do it, the better I get at not suffering from the ‘ol writer’s block.

So, if you’re having trouble writing and want to get better at it, just sit down and write something.

Write every day, even if it’s crap, just like most of mine.

(PS: This little piece took less than 10 minutes to write, and that’s my writing for the day.)

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