Why variety is the spice of life

What kind of music do you like?

How long is your hair?

What color looks best on me?

So many questions; none all that important, when you boil it down. So why not change it up occasionally?

Any time a woman has asked me they should “hack off their hair” or simply make it shorter, I always answer, yes!

“Why, you don’t like my long hair?” they sometimes ask.

“Of course I do,” I’d answer. “In fact, I might even like it better; I don’t know. BUT, after you cut it, it WILL eventually grow back. So, why not try something different for a while? Change it up?”

My music teacher in high school once said that “variety is the spice of life.” I’ve since heard it elsewhere, so I doubt it was original, but that was the first time I’d heard it, and it resonated with me.

The same old gets boring and stale.

At a club I DJ at I was recently approached about doing a country music night (the club is a dance/hip hop club).

I’m not really a country music guy (though I’ve listened to my share), but I enthusiastically said, “Yes!” and set about preparing for what I’d play that night with the three weeks lead time I had.

Even if it doesn’t suit you, you’ll get bogged down doing the same thing over and over if you don’t occasionally change it up.

So even if it’s out of your comfort zone, if something crazy occasionally comes up, don’t be afraid to give it a big fat “YES”!

You can always go back to what you were doing tomorrow, perhaps with a newer perspective after having taken a chance on something new.

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